Life in harmony

We have been searching for this place for a long time. We wanted a real home in which everyone could feel at ease, no matter whether spending a few days or a few months under its roof or deciding to stay longer.

The Benedict Option Centre will be located in a small Mazurian village. We would like to host all who are seeking an aim and meaning in their lives, who wish to regain peace, order and balance in all dimensions – at work, in family life, in professional relations and friendships, and in community and civic life. We look forward to welcoming all who feel that “there is something to life” and that faith and Benedictine spirituality can help to regain sense in their lives.

The Mazurian village is conducive to calm. It is situated on the edge of the Pisz Forest which, with an area of 100,000 hectares, is the largest woodland complex in Mazury. Nearby are Lake Nida and the famous Mazurian localities of Pranie and Krzyże, beloved of Polish poets and songwriters. In Pranie, during the summer, there are concerts and poetry events as part of the cycle known as “ Music at Gałczyński’s”.

The Pisz Forest and vicinity are not only natural scenery but also history. In the local villages of Wojnowo, Gałkowo, and Kadzidłowo there is evidence of the Old Believers who once lived here. In the Pisz Forest there are many traces of villages that no longer exist. Wherever we are, deep in the Forest or on its edge, we are constantly walking in the footsteps of those who were here before us and simply loved this patch of land. Living here and now, we respect what has been, and are starting a new chapter in the spirit of St. Benedict – “that God be worshipped in everything”.

We are currently raising money for the renovation of a building which is to be the seat of the foundation.

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Mazurian countryside in pictures

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