The idea behind the Foundation

The idea of a community was born 30 years ago in the heart of a Benedictine monk, Fr. Włodzimierz Zatorski.  It was he who inspired lay people who went to Tyniec for retreats and workshops.

Like St. Benedict, we wish for “God to be worshipped in everything”: at work and at home, in daily duties and in leisure, and  in encounters with other people. The wisdom  written down in the Rule of St. Benedict would appear to be a timeless remedy for the maladies of today’s world. It is a list of simple truths, tested both in lay and monastic life. They are universal laws governing people’s spiritual life. The Rule was written 1,500 years ago and was a response to cultural decline. Today we are similarly experiencing a crisis of faith and spirituality, a crisis of being and of mutual relations.  This is happening because basic laws of life itself are being broken. The building of communities is a response to these challenges, as was said half a century ago by the Rev. Joseph Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI.

Because ever more people are struggling with basic questions relating to the meaning of life, happiness, and faith, we therefore see profound sense in creating a “Benedict Option” community. It attempts to build on tried and tested laws relating to life, because no matter  what we think up, even if it seems to us to be the noblest, most excellent idea, and then try to do it ourselves without divine guidance, it will become fruitless and lack life. Therefore the first and most essential thing is for us to hear God’s word, directed to us. Only then, by responding to it, can we do anything which builds us up and roots us in truth and in life.

Saint Benedict of Nursia

"The Rule of Saint Benedict" has survived the test of time and can be a valuable help not only for clergy. Saint Benedict himself always had a special respect for lay people.

Foundation’s Board and Council

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